We apply 20 years of experience in the hostelry sector to the creation of our own software, which can cover the specific needs of the market and each client.


We do know the reality of the innkeeper and we compose a consulting, attention and assistance service every day of the week, able to quickly solve any problem.


With a close treatment and with an accessible way, we listen to our customers to continually innovate our tools and adapt them to our client’s needs.


Central Cash, 365 days a year with the innkeeper.


Specialization is the key when facing future challenges and it is where the spirit of our company resides. Central Cash’s programming department develops its own software based on the in-depth knowledgeof the hostelry market, provided by a professional team with 20 years of experience in the administration of its own premises.


Our trajectory allows us to know the daily casuistry of our client’s companies and thanks to our versatility and flexibility we can offer a customized tool that satisfies each restaurant and bar needs. Central Cash not only provides a point-of-sale terminal, but also operates as an extension of the hostelry business offering consulting, software training and costumer and maintenance service.


Central Cash provides informatic (IT) solutions that facilitate the management of the hostelry business through the point-of-sale terminal.

We offer to our customers several technological solutions that complement the advantages offered by our Easy Cash software. An international selection of mobile handhelds oriented to the hospitality sector, for its ergonomics, design and resistance of a leading brand in handhelds such as Ordeman. Each one has been developed to meet the needs of each professional profile.

Distribuidor del año

Columbus 900 -The Columbus900 is the latest reference device for point of sale (POS) of NCR Orderman, designed to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. Its exclusive Orderman design ensures the most elegant look for any restaurant environment and thanks to its Quad Core processor, speed is guaranteed at all times. With its fanless construction, intelligent cable management and True Flat screen, the Columbus900 will keep your workstation clean and tidy.

Radio ordering with an Orderman handheld helps to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency in the hospitality industry. This is undisputed. It is also well known that Orderman can help to generate up to 25% more sales. So, what’s new? Radio ordering is now faster, more reliable and easier than ever before with the all-new 7th generation of Orderman handheld devices –the NCR Orderman7. Benefit from technical features and unflagging spirit of our newest champion. This equipment sets standards both with its extremely long operating life of up to 18 hours and with its high luminous power display, the high quality of its materials, its unsurpassed resistance and its simple operation. The reasons for the NCR Orderman7’s unbeatable quality: 25 years of experience and an elevated level of expertise stand behind this handheld device specially designed to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry. For this reason, with the new Orderman you get an all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty for up to five years.

With the Orderman5, every restaurateur will play in the professional league. When developing the Orderman5 we have focused exclusively on the aspects that you need to achieve the most fluid and efficient work processes possible in the hard day to day of your restaurant.

Thanks to our equipment developed specifically for gastronomy, a fast and reliable service becomes natural, something that translates into 25% more sales.







Technical Assistance

At Central Cash we guarantee the efficiency of our applications and the quality of the customer service.

We equally prioritize the effectiveness of our applications and the quality of the customer service. We understand the magnitude of the problem that causes to the customer to stop the activity of their business and to solve it we providetechnicalassistance on the spot seven days a week. The coverage of any maintenance is made of:

Monday to Friday — 9:00am to 11:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and holydays —10:00am to 9:00pm


Anual technical assistance

Includes telephone maintenance and remote connection for reparations resulting from system problems, configuration changes at operational level,
software trainings at Central Cash offices, stored equipment, on-site interventions and its technical service schedule.

Anual technical assistance

Includes telephone maintenance and remote connection for reparations resulting from system problems, configuration changes at operational level, software trainings at Central Cash offices and stored equipment.

Anual technical assistance

includes telephone maintenance and remote connection for reparations resulting from system problems and configuration changes at operational level.

Application Integrations

Increase sales with more effective customer service.


After having been approved by the Azkoyen Cashlogy house for the integration of their cash drawers with our point of sale management system, we detail some characteristics by which our customers can benefit from installing these smart drawers in their premises.

Your clients will be able to pay with all banknotes and coins in circulation, from 1 cent to 500€.You will not run out of change for your clients.
With Cashlogy you can adapt the security stock by type of coin and banknote according to the real needs of your business. Your workers will easily learn how to use Cashlogy.
It has an intuitive colour guide for acceptance, return and rejection of banknotes, coins and incidents.
It can be used by the worker or by the client. The introduction of cash in Cashlogy can be done by your employees or by your clients depending on the type of venue and benefit sought: hygiene, theft reduction, etc.
At the end of the day the tallying of cash is done by the machine, not by the staff of the premises, what brings peace of mind and confidence for the owner and the employees.


We grow with our customers.

We listen to the need of each of them to offer a customised service, which helps us to improve our tool and our service daily.

Frequently Asked Questions
Meet some of the questions raised by the restaurateurs and settled by Central Cash.

  • Sometimes, when I issue the cash ticket with the form of payment requested by the client, I must change the form of payment from visa to cash or vice versa. Is it possible to change the form of payment later to be ableto accurately recount the cash?

    It often happens that, for example, when paying with visa and issuing the ticket, the transaction cannot be made because the card is denied or for connection failures. An option is available at the point of sale to choose the ticket already billed and to be able to change its payment methods.

  • Can I move or change the position of the tables and stools from my point of sale?

    You can modify or displace the situation of the tables; and you can also change the number of the tables by tapping the chosen table and placing it in the new desired position.

  • Sometimes I am in the restaurant and I would like to see quick reports of my sales, cancellations, consultations, etc. Is it possible to have some of my favouritereports in the local point of saleto be able to watch them withoutinterrupting the operation? And without having to get in and out of the sale program?

    Yes, we can configure the point of sale terminal so that only with a passwordyou can see those usual reports; both of that day sale as well as from previous days and, if you wish, to print them through the ticket printer.

  • Some customers ask me for the ticket they forgot to take. Could I have the option to reprint this ticket even if several days have elapsed?

    Yes, not only from that day, but also from previous days. You can search the ticket by date, hour, account or consumed details.

  • In addition to the already established kitchen messages, can I generate a new message that notifies the kitchen at any time?

    Yes, there is an option where you can change at any time the description of the item, its price or message to the kitchen only for a specific action, without modifying the base sheet of that product for other employees.

  • Now I do not have incidents coverage in the sale operative of the system in weekends or holidays. Can I have service that covers this eventual problem?

    Yes, we offer diverse typesof maintenance that cover not only the busiest schedules, as could be lunch and dinner services, but also cover weekends and holidays. In case of being a hardware problem or pieces of difficult solution, we provide a substitution terminal until the repair of the fault.

  • Can I make changes to articles or personnel from my laptop directly at the point of sale without interrupting the operation of my premises?

    Yes, if you have ADSL on the premises you can connect directly to the point of sale terminal and make changes or consult reports in real time without interrupting the service.

  • I am dissatisfied with the current sales program of my local. Can I use the current installed hardware and implement your application?

    Yes, it will need to be a PC-type point of sale terminal. We always look for the most favourable option for our application to work with your hardware with 100% reliable performance in the day to day of your premises.

  • Is it possible that the person in charge of recounting the cash at night cannot see the final amounts so that he cannot know if money is missing or sparing?

    Yes, from the Easy Cash server application, detailed settlements can be carried out where the employee must fill in each cell to be able to close the recounting or to do a blind settlement where he does not know the result of the cash recounting.

  • Every day I am forced to go to make photocopies of the menu, is it possible to make it from the point of sale and print it from the invoices printer?

    Yes, there is a direct option from the point of sale terminal that allows the employee to fill in the fields for each first, second plate and dessert. Then, as many copies as needed are printed from the thermal invoice printer. You can even change dishes that are depleted during the service, replace them with others and reprint the new menu.

  • More and more customers who pay their invoices request that their company’s tax data appear on the same ticket that they take from my premises.

    e will always be able to deliver to our customers an invoice with their fiscal data printed from the cash boxprinter, whether they gave us this information before entering the premises or if they give it us at the time of paying the invoice.

  • My sales operation is out of the usual dynamic of any restaurant.We deliver an order numberwhen the customer asks for his order atthe cash registerand pays the bill. He takes the number to his table and once his order is ready, we will take it to his table.

    We develop our own sale and management program, so it is fully parameterizable to the client’s needs. We can adapt, with greatflexibility, to the sale type and need of every moment, or type of business.

  • Lately many customers come with LetsBonus or El Tenedor discounts, and we serve food and drink at 30% or 50% off. Can I generate as many promotions as I want without having to create items with different prices according to the offer?

    Yes, there is the option to generate promotions with discounts, to create different tariffs for the same item without the need for the employee to know if an item should be marked with a price or another depending on the offer.

  • Can I divide the bill among several diners and is it possible that each one of them takes his detailed ticket with what he consumed and even with the different forms of payment?

    Yes, it is a very dynamic, agile and intuitive way for the employee to avoid the formation of long queues.

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